The 2019 OCS “Talents Make Future” Overseas Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (hereinafter referred to as the Competition) is now launched. The Competition is hosted by Office of Guangzhou Convention of Overseas Chinese Scholars in Science and Technology, organized by South China Market of Human Resources and co-organized by Chinese Overseas Talent Service Base.




Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Asia)is officially launch now!Please join us!Are you ambitious? Have you prepared for your business? What are you waiting for? There are full-sided entrepreneurial capital and services waiting for you! 


亚洲AV有码在线天堂Six Highlights of 2019 OCS “Talents Make Future” Overseas(Asia)Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition



Highlight1 : Influential Platform



The Convention on Exchange of Overseas Talents & Guangzhou Convention Overseas Chinese Scholars in Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as “OCS”) is the country’s largest and most influential exchange platform dedicated for overseas high-level talents, known for its highest degree of openness and the most extensive coverage in China. So far OCS has seen 20 sessions successfully held with remarkable results.


亚洲AV有码在线天堂The Competition hosted by OCS, the largest and the most influential overseas talent exchange event in China, will give full play to its comprehensive advantages to create a development platform for the international innovative and entrepreneurial talents and provide the whole-chain resource matchmaking in financing, incubation and commercialization of scientific and technological achievements.



Since it was established, the OCS has successfully helped many entrepreneurial teams that have been favored by the investment circle, receiving the angel round investment or series A investment to settle in Guangzhou. In 2017, there were about 150 innovation and entrepreneurship projects from all over the world expecting to be signed at the site of the OCS. In 2016, the OCS Organizing Committee signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Industrial Bank to provide the financing support for the talent projects at the OCS platform for 3 years with 15 billion yuan; the 9 talent & technology cooperation projects were settled in the Guangzhou Development Zone.



亚洲AV有码在线天堂Highlight2: Generous Awards




The finalists of Asian competition zone will participate in the global finals on behalf of China, with fixed subsidies for transportation and accommodation. In particular, it is worth mentioning that the short-listed entries introduced via the Competition and meeting the relevant requirements will receive whole-chain policy supports subject to due approval, including a start-up fund of RMB 2 million Yuan, rental subsidy, and interest subsidies for bank loans.



Highlight3:Assisting to Implement



The short-listed entries will have opportunities to connect with investment institutions, incubators and accelerators from various cities, even can cooperate with well-known investment institutions or investors directly at the site of OCS in order to promote the project implementation. The investor list includes a lot of competitive enterprises. Since its establishment, the OCS has reached cooperation with many famous investment institutions, such as China Angel Fund, First Capital, Sfund, Hejun Capital, Hongtao Capital, Zhishang Investment, Daan Incubator, Hiway Capital, Guotai Junan Securities,  Hanyuan Investment, Yanghe Biomedical Investment, etc.



Highlight 4:Financing credit



亚洲AV有码在线天堂The cooperative bank of the competition will provide financing and credit service for the short-listed entries of the competition, and the maximum credit for individual projects is 200 million yuan.



亚洲AV有码在线天堂Highlight 5:Various Promotion



OCS will arrange special promotion and exhibition events for the short-listed entries and invite the project principals to the field visits so they can meet representatives of HR departments and entrepreneurial parks from different cities and facilitate the merit-based project implementation. In addition, other measures like entrepreneurship training, VC support, matchmaking with industrial parks, financing credit, project support and follow-up services will also be offered to ensure the smooth project implementation.



Highlight 6: Enormous policy support



亚洲AV有码在线天堂Ten support measures under three categories, namely, OCS Promotion, field visits and innovation/entrepreneurship support will be offered to ensure the smooth project implementation.



Are you ready? Here are all the Q&A for your reference.



亚洲AV有码在线天堂The qualifications for competitors



亚洲AV有码在线天堂The Competition is open to entrepreneurial teams or individuals holding advanced innovative achievements and entrepreneurial plans that have promising market prospects. The core members of the team must be overseas Chinese students currently studying or working outside China (with overseas studying experience) or foreign talents.



The requirements for competition events



The entries submitted to the Competition could be inventions or patented technologies invented or created by the competitor, or the concept products or services that can be realized through R&D. The entries shall be innovative projects that fit in with the priorities and direction of industrial development in Guangzhou, and show higher degree of innovation and market competitiveness as well as sound social and economic benefits. The competitor shall own the full IP rights of the core technologies, and shall be the inventor or holder of the products, technologies or related core patents of the entry. The elements of the IP rights should be clearly and definitely defined without property right disputes with others.



亚洲AV有码在线天堂The way to the final



The 2019 Competition will cover 3 divisions, namely North America, Australia and Asia. For overseas divisions, an interactive evaluation approach will be employed. An evaluation panel comprising of industrial experts, scholars and VC principals will review the paper documents of the pre-qualified entries, and, short-list 55 entries from the said divisions via online or offline competitions on merit basis. The shortlisted entries (top 10 of Asia division) will be presented at 2019 OCS in China for finals and other activities including innovation and entrepreneurship training, roadshows, exhibitions, project matchmaking and talk, field visits, etc.



亚洲AV有码在线天堂The schedule of the Competition






From now to October 30th: Registration

October 13th: 2019 OCS “Talents Make Future” Overseas(Asia) Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition,  held in Kyoto, Japan.

Mid-November: The finalist winners of Asia division will be announced for publicity.

18-20 December: The final、Participate in the 2-day Innovation Training Camp & Visit to Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.


2018 Final in Guangzhou


亚洲AV有码在线天堂connect with investment institutions after Competition


The important focus.





IAB Plan which focus on the industries of: The next generation of Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology.

亚洲AV有码在线天堂NEM Plan which focus on the industries of: New energy, New materials.

Startup projects by overseas talents focused on the other key industries.


Q6. How to apply? 報名方式

報名方式:下載最下方報名表格,填寫后發送至hr@bahamatrack.com. 郵件主題請填寫【智創未來日本賽區+參賽團隊名稱】

Deadline of application: October 30th, 2019
Send your completed form to hr@bahamatrack.com. Make sure to include team name in the email. We will contact you to attend the preliminary contest, if you meet the startup eligibility requirements. 
Depending on the number of participants, the competition will be held on October 13th in Kytoto of Japan. Remote participation will not be accepted.
The top 10 finalists will be contacted to participate in the Global Final Competition, which will take part on 18-20 of December in Guangzhou. Airplane tickets(5000 RMB) and accommodation will be provided(for 1 person).
Materials must be submitted in Chinese or English.


The introduction of OCS



The Convention on Exchange of Overseas Talents & Guangzhou Convention Overseas Chinese Scholars in Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as “OCS”),which grew out of Guangzhou Convention Overseas Chinese Scholars in Science and Technology, has been successfully held20 sessions over the past 21 years with the strong support of relevant ministries and commissions of the state. Aiming at " attracting all talents around the world, serving all enterprises in China" the OCS has set up a platform for mutual understanding, communication and exchanges between domestic demand units and overseas high-level talents by holding a series of activities including exhibitions, negotiations, forums and salons. At present, the OCS has become the largest and the most influential platform with the most opening-up degree for talents and technology information exchange in China, which covers all overseas talents. Official website:



亚洲AV有码在线天堂Initiated by Guangzhou’s returning talents, the first session of OCS was held in Guangzhou in 1998. the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Personnel (former) and other national ministries and commissions have become the organizers successively since the 2nd session.  Each session has been highly valued by the central government, Both CPC and National leaders have visited the OCS for inspection and guidance, including Li Changchun, Zhang Dejiang, Liu Yandong, Wang Yang, Chen Zhu, Hu Chunhua. The OCS is known as the "Best Platform" of Chinese returning talents communication



In 2016, with the guidance of Guangdong Provincial Committee of CPC and Guangdong Provincial Government, the OCS expanded the scope of overseas talent introduction, innovated the means of organization, and improved the level and effectiveness of the convention. It was officially renamed as The Convention on Exchange of Overseas Talents & Guangzhou Convention Overseas Chinese Scholars in Science and Technology, and it was scheduled to be held in Guangzhou in late December every year.The organizers include the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, Western Returned Scholars Association (Chinese overseas student association), Guangdong Provincial Committee of CPC and Guangdong Provincial Government. The co-organizers include Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing, Shenzhen.



The 2019 OCS will be held in Guangzhou, China in 18-20 December 2019.



2019海交會“智創未來”創新創業大賽/2019 OCS “Talents Make Future” Overseas Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition